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Hello! If you've purchased anything from me whether it was doujinshi, figures, manga, games, or even my fanart merchandise from conventions, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave me some feedback regarding your purchase experience!

Things to take into account are the following:
• Did I communicate with you properly? Politely? Friendly? Was I a total douchebag? (I certainly hope I wasn't!)
• Did I ship when I said I would?
• Did your purchase arrive safely and soundly?

If you could leave me some positive feedback so that I can link other people to this page in the future, it'd be fantastic! If you had some problem with me as a seller, please let me know via private message or send me an email and we can discuss it and come to some conclusion.

Thank you so much!

Date: 25 August 2011 04:22 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Bought a Bakura Ryou one coin figure from her.

She was very polite and easy to get along/communicate with. Transaction wasn't a hassle and went smoothly. She shipped when she said she would and the package arrived here safely.

Definitely recommended/will buy from again (: